Personality Prototype


Marvin has had many depictions through the years. Douglas Adams said that he didn't have a clear picture of Marvin when he first wrote the story, so it left room for many interpretations.

Radio Series: 1st & 2nd
Broadcast 1978 / 1980
Voice: Stephen Moore
BBC TV series
6 episodes, 1981
Voice: Stephen Moore
Actor: David Learner
Music Albums
2 singles, 1981
Voice: Stephen Moore
Producer: John Sinclair
More Info
Comic Book Series
Published 1993-1995
DC Comics
Illustrated Guide
Published 1994
Harmony Books
Unreleased computer game
Developed 1998-2002
Radio Series: 3rd
Broadcast 2004
Voice: Stephen Moore
Feature Film
Released April 2005
Voice: Alan Rickman
Actor: Warwick Davis