christmas quotes

From Offical Fan Club

JOEY: Thanks to all of you for making this a great year for us! Hope all of our fans have a great and safe Christmas & New Year. Peace & Love, Joey

LANCE: Wow, I can't believe the year is already over! This has definetly been the biggest year of our lives! Thank you so much for everything! Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, Lance

CHRIS: I wanna thank all of you guys & girls for another great year. We are very proud and thankful to all of you for the many awards we received this year. Thanks for stickin' with us! Merry X-mas & Happy New Year, Chris

JC: It's that time of year again and you know what that means, either your in the best mood ever or your panicing about your X-mas shopping. Hopefully your all smiles either way. I just wanted to send some holiday good times your way and hope the new year has something good in store for you. Anyways Best Wishes and Happy Holidays! JC

JUSTIN: Wow... What a great year!! Thanx to all of you for making it so special for us. May this holiday season bring you all the happiness and love you deserve. Happy Holidays and God Bless! *I'm looking forward to 2001 and some new 'NSYNC music! Justin

From MTV

JOHN: About the Christmas record, you were telling me that it was sort of half new stuff, half covers?
JOEY: Yeah, there are 4 or 5 songs that are class classical stuff, 7 originals and it's cool because it's very diverse like our album. It's got an a capella version of "O Holy Night." It's got up tempo stuff, it's got ballads and it's got one song that's really hard r&b.

JOHN: Is there a video?
JC: We did a Christmas single too and we did a video for that. There's a surprise in that. A comedic surprise...It's a guest star that everyone will like to see again. We'll let you watch it.

From ZoogDisney

Q: What do you want for Christmas?
JC: To be home with my family.
Joey: To be with my family and have a safe holiday.
Lance: Beanie babies!
Chris: Play video games with my family.
Justin: To play with everyone's families.

Q: What is your favorite holiday?
Lance: it is Christmas because I get to see all my family.

From Various Chats


Q: What is your favorite Christmas carol?
Lance: O Holy Night

Lance: When we decided to do [the Christmas album] we had a month and a half. But we did it in 4 weeks. We were really happy how it turned out. A little surprised at how quick.

Lance: Under My Tree is about someone talking to their loved one. Talking about how they would make all the dreams come true just being with them. Holding them under the tree at Christmas time.

Q: What is your fave way to spend Christmas?
Lance: Basically it's the same very year. The tradition is we always open on gift on Christmas Eve. It's weird because my sister and I have our own homes, I still wake up early on Christmas morning. I go downstairs and drink hot chocolate. My family will come over for Christmas and we'll cook and open presents and have a nice time.


Q: What's your fave song on the Christmas album?
Joey: O Holy Night

Joey: A lot of our ideas have gone into the videos. Especially our Christmas song.

Joey: [On why he never sings.] In the Christmas album I sing a lot of different things. Sometimes, the songs might be too high for me to sing. It might be a high key where it's just in the middle.

Q: Do you have certain Christmas traditions?
Joey: The whole family gets together and talks about old times. Giving thanks for the birth of Christ. Can't say no to opening gifts, either.

Q: What do you want most for Christmas?
Joey: My two front teeth!


Q: What is your New Year's resolution?
Chris: To stop saying SuperCalifragilisticexpialidocious


JC: I think X-mas affects a lot of people and just puts them in a good mood.

JC: Noel and the accapella are my two favorites from the Christmas album.

Q: What's your favorite holiday?
JC: Christmas, of course!

From "Holidays In Concert" on Disney

JC: When I think of Christmas and Disney, I just think of immense trees and beautiful decorations. I've lived here now since I was like 13, and Disney always has just a brilliant way of making everybody feel festive and just getting them in the Christmas spirit, the way they put lights on everything and put huge trees in everywhere. It just totally throws a vibe your way of what Christmas is all about and it really puts everyone in a great mood. And that's why I like being around Disney at christmas.

Justin: Probably the first Christmas I can remember was just waking up and being so excited because Santa had come. I remember the night before I had put out the Oreo cookies with the milk and I woke up the next morning, the milk was gone out of the glass, there was nothing but cookie crumbs left... I think Santa was munching on my Oreo cookies. He was likin' 'em. So I got good presents that year.

Joey: My family tradition would have to be with the family being together celebrating the birth of Christ and just getting together having a great time. Usually now that we're always travelling we don't get that much time to be together so now it's a lot more rewarding when the family's together and being able to talk about old times and stuff like that.

Chris: My Christmas memories and our traditions are that every year we go to church on Christmas Eve, which is the midnight mass, and we go home and we take out our stockings, and we usually open our stockings the night before Christmas, cause our stockings are full when we come home from church. And that way we've kind of got a few presents to hold us over for Christmas because my mom knows I like to wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning and try to see what Santa Claus brought me.

JC: My favorite part about Christmas is being with my family and the traditions that we have. We all always go over to my grandfather's house and have dinner with the whole extended family, head to the basement for some scripture reading from my grandfather, we sing some Christmas carols, and then after that my immediate family and I open up gifts, and we give thanks, and basically that's my every year routine, that's my holiday tradition and I'm very proud of it. It's fun.

JC: Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!

Chris: I remember as a kid my sister and I used to wait up for Santa Claus and we thought we would wait all night, all night until one of us would always fall asleep, and then we'd always wake the other one up like "Come on, come on, you gotta wake up or we won't get to meet Santa Claus!" And we'd keep staying up and then we'd finally both fall asleep. And then early in the morning we'd all run down and I would be the first one down because I was the biggest and I could beat them all up and I could beat them to the presents and open all my presents first.

Lance: Every other morning I'm very tired, but there's something about Christmas that you're never tired when you wake up, you're always so excited and you run downstairs to see what Santa brought you. It's just a tremendous feeling to be with your family and you're so happy and you really know the true meaning of Christmas.

Justin: The best Christmas presents are the memories that you receive, just being with your family on such a special occasion, because being 'N Sync you don't get to see your family too often, so just being with all your parents and grandparents and all the rest of your family is the most special thing to me. I'm coming home this year... I'm coming home Grandma!

Chris: My holiday wish for everybody is that they have the best Christmas and no matter what their belief is, that they know what Christmas is about; and Christmas is about giving and not about being selfish. And if you have a good Christmas it always starts off a great new year, so have a great Christmas!

Justin: I think my holiday wish for everyone this year is that they get what they want, what they wish for! And that everyone's happy and that everyone is in the Christmas spirit. It's all about family and it's about having fun so I hope you get what you want this year, whoever you may be.

Joey: My Christmas wish for everyone would pretty much be peace on earth, just like it always is. When Christmas time comes around everybody always has that reminder of peace on earth. And I think people take time for granted and, like us when we travel a lot, we're never really with our family, so being with our family is the most rewarding thing that could possibly happen to us.

Lance: My holiday wish to everyone is for everyone to come together and just like Christmas should be, with your family, the true meaning of Christmas, whatever it is to you, enjoy it, have fun, and live it up.

JC: My favorite holiday wish for everyone would be just to have a merry Christmas. Have a great time, it's a wonderful time of year, have some fun, sing some songs, and just get loose y'all. Have fun.

Justin: Merry Christmas everybody!