Cosmo Info

Cosmo is a goofy loveable fairy in The Fairly Oddparents. He's been married to Wanda for several thousand years, much to the dismay of his controlling Mama Cosma. Cosmo & Wanda are currently assigned to a ten year old boy named Timmy Turner and happily grant all of his wild and silly wishes. In fact, Cosmo is usually the one to suggest the worst ones. Let's just say he's never been accused of being a genius.

* Cosmo was a fairy scout, although not a very good one.
* Cosmo had a dream in his youth to be a watercolor artist.
* Cosmo was the worst shot at the Fairy Academy.
* Cosmo told his mother he was going to get milk when he ran away to marry Wanda.
* Cosmo had an idea on Wednesday, March 22nd.
* Cosmo sank Atlantis nine times.
* Cosmo pretended to have a coma when he forgot his 753rd anniversary.
* Cosmo was supposed to be the last fairy ever born, but on February 18, 2008, he gave birth to a purple-eyed baby boy named Poof.

Top 7 "Secrets":
Secret Talent: Kazoo
Secret Password: Phillip
Ugly Secret: Back wax
Secret to Success: Qanda
Most Embarrassing Secret: "I ate refried beans for dinner last night."
Secret Weakness: Wand wilt
Secret Sauce: Also back wax
Over-the-Top Secret: Cosmo has tried his hand at writing novels, such as:
• Shiny Crowny Things for Morons
• Conversations with Butch
• Little Wands for Little People
• Astrophysics for Morons